The European Earth Observation WEB SITE for Secondary Schools

The Web-site aims to give to the youth of Europe a portal to space applications and in particular to a wide-spread visibility of Earth Observation as co-ordinated by the European Space Agency (ESA) and its European and National Partners. The Web-site is being developed under the umbrella of EURISY and offers to teachers and students of secondary school in Europe means to bring Earth Observation into the classroom. This initiative is aiming to:

* Inspire teachers to incorporate Earth Observation
* Provide support for in-service training of teachers
* Involve teachers in collaborative projects using Earth Observation
* Facilitate such collaboration by providing ready-made curricula projects
* Offer students a support that can stimulate their environmental curiosity
* Help teachers and students to put together the resources needed for their projects.
* Provide the tools and material
* Allow interaction among participants.


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Gratis billedbehandlingsprogram for digital billedbehandling af satellitbilleder.
GIS input i form af punkter, linier og polygoner med egne indtastede attributer.

LEOWorks, Tutorial, foreløbig udgave:

Peter Brøgger Sørensen