Copenhagen Remote Sensing-GIS

Denmark to the west - seen from a NOAA satellite on May 26th 1992.
Towns change daily and significant changes in the pattern of land use can be followed via earth observation by satellites.
In the NOAA images the resolution is 1,1 km, so the images can give an overall survey of an area. In the image in the margen Denmark can be seen to the very left.
The LANDSAT images, which are used in the following, have a resolution of 30 m. Because of the better resolution far more details can be detected in the LANDSAT images than in the NOAA images.

5th June 1990
In this image the colours are artificially chosen to enhance the variations in land use. It is seen how densely built-up areas differ from the rest.

Copenhagen, LANDSAT 5.
26th May 1992

The LANDSAT 5 images with 7 channels and a resolution of 30 m combined with satellite image processing make it possible to explore Copenhagen. The variation in colour indicates different land use patterns.
The land use patterns of towns reflect their historical development, but via satellite images it is possible to detect special town plans and make functional area divisions into roads, parks, suburban areas, densely built-up areas, lakes, rivers etc.
Animation of LANDSAT 5 recording in 7 channels.
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