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GIS information from the County of Copenhagen web site

Map from the GIS information system of the County of Copenhagen

Air photo from the GIS information system of the County of Copenhagen

TOP10DK is an excellent topographic base map at a level of detail corresponding to 1:10 000.
It is a vector map, which makes it suitable for use in advanced GIS-systems The ArcView 2.0 exercises are based on this TOP10DK..

Gives a brief survey of the development of Copenhagen (In Danish).

The Royal Library in Copenhagen has a large collection of old maps of Copenhagen.

Municipality of Copenhagen
This site gives a historical survey of the development of Copenhagen, facts about population and economic situation . See also the official tourist web site of Copenhagen
Virtual tour of Copenhagen offers a unique video experience of exploring the sites and streets of Copenhagen

The County of Copenhagen
Information about private property registered by the County of Copenhagen can be found here http://www.teknik-kbhamt.dk/siab.asp?o_id=1252.

The information is shown in GIS (Geographical Information System). By searching by title number in the Land Register, place name or field plot number it is possible to find the exact desired area - either as map, air photo, or background map.

GIS and education in Denmark




Made by ESA ( the European Space Agency in Europe). 27 towns and cities in and outside Europe. There are three ERS radar and satellite images for every town/city to make zooming possible.http://www.eurimage.com/gallery/webfiles/ls_intro.shtml

Interesting earth observation web site under development to study and monitor the dynamics of 21 European cities, the past and present land uses. The organizing keywords are CHANGE, UNDERSTAND, FORECAST. The observations are based on the IRS-C, Indian Remote Sensing Satellite, with a spatial resolution of 5.8m. The data sets and the site are developed by a JRC group.

The CORINE Land Cover inventory is part of the CORINE (COoRdination of INformation on the Environment) programme and is intended to provide consistent localised geographical information on the land cover of the 12 Member States of the European Community 1996-98.

IJsselmeer, Netherlands 1964, 1973, 1987. These images show changes in the IJsselmeer, a lake on the coast of the Netherlands.





The Thematic Mapper (TM) sensor onboard the LANDSAT collects data in seven (7) bands. We can see different features on Earth (or see the same features differently) by using various combinations of these bands.

The NASA Observatory is a public access site for Earth and space data. Pictures of the Earth, planets, stars, etc., as well as the stories behind those images. It is a very comprehensive web site giving links to both tutorials and remote sensing.


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