Cyclone Development
seen from
NOAA Satellite

The cyclone over Northern Europe Nov. 9th 1998. 
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Cyclones are formed along the Polar Front where the cold Polar air and the warm Tropical air from the lower latitudes clash.
A typical weather situation in Northern Europe is one where a cyclone is formed over the North Atlantic and travels west-east or west-north-east.
This typical development is accompanied by a change in the wind direction. Often there is a steady down-pour followed by torrential rain before it clears up. Also the temperature fluctuates drastically during the passage of a cyclone.
  • The satellite images and the following study of them will help understand the typical development of cold and warm fronts.
    The ENVI.FreeLook programme is used to supply more detailed information about temperatures etc.
  • It is possible to make more detailed and precise forecasts by using ENVI.FreeLook to study topical NOAA images.
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