SAREPTA, The Internet School Forum on Satellites and Environment. A Norwegian school network offering detailed NOAA satellite images updated daily. SAREPTA is supervised by the Norwegian Space Centre.

Excellent NOAA images archive. Registration required - but it is free.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA
NOAA is the US national weather bureau and their web site offers a variety of useful information on weather conditions and climate.


Meteosat Images of the earth are taken routinely by EUMETSAT from the geostationary orbit METEOSAT about 36000 km above the equator.
EUMETSAT is an inter-governmental organisation of European countries.

Nottingham University
METEOSAT satellite data

Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut, DMI
The DMI, the Danish National Meteorological Office, offers excellent information on the weather in Denmark.

Europa skyfilm
European cloud film, where it is also possible to view the latest development as we know it from the weather forecast on TV.

Europa vejrkort
European weather chart containing isobars and fronts. The chart covers the North Atlantic and a large part of Europe in stereographic projection.

Vejrkort med isotermer, isobarer og symboler
Weather chart of Europe showing isotherms, isobars and weather symbols.

500 Mb højdekort
Updated topical 500 Mb elevation chart of the Northern hemisphere. Among other things it shows the positions of the jet streams. The jet streams control the movements of the cyclones. The cyclone track is parallel to the isolines on the 500 Mb chart of the warm sector. Over the sea the low pressure will normally be strengthened with increasing wind speed. Over land the wind speed will decrease because of increased friction and the low pressure will be weakened.

Forecast chart for 3 days
The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF, the Centre) is an international organisation supported by twenty-one European States. Links to the National Weather Offices of all the member states.

Wetterinformation Freies Universitet Berlin
Comprehensive web site, where especially the student sites have many topical links.

Comprehensive site with many links giving quick access to updated weather information.

Hurricane Mitch 22 Oct. - 5 Nov. 1998 and the ensuing Atlantic cyclone 6 -14 Nov. 1998.

Easily accessible web site divided into the Atlantic and the East and West Pacific. The site gives an up-to-date survey of on-going hurricanes and tropical storms, warnings, storm paths and animated satellite images. The site also gives access to comprehensive archives.

GLOBE - International Hands-On Science and Education is an international environmental programme for research and education. Teachers, students and scientists study the global environment together. GLOBE also hosts an international network of students in "grades K-12".

Gives a good survey of different types of satellites. The educational weather pages have been designed to aid teachers and pupils in extending their understanding and knowledge of weather conditions and climate, not only in the UK but also around the world


Gives a good detailed survey of Air Masses and Fronts.

COURSE from Geografforlaget, DK, offers on-line material about digital image processing. It contains four modules: 1) Basic Reader, 2) Software Tutorial, 3) Case Study of Deforestation in Rondonia, Brazil, 4) Sea Surface Temperatures near Africa.. COURSE is available free of charge.
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