The Floods in Østlandet 1995
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Precipitation catchment area for Glomma and the Lågen River Bassin
Source: GLB, Flommen 1995 I Glomma og Lågen

Source: Flommen kommer...Hydra 2000

In May and June 1995 not only Østlandet with Trysil, Glomma and Gudbrandsdalen was extensively flooded, but also Northern and Central Sweden experienced record-breaking floods in 1995.

The total damages of the floods have been estimated at 1.3 to 1.5 billion NKK, of which damages to property constitute approximately 800 million NKK.
This should be compared to the normal average annual cost of flood damages in Norway of approximately 200 million NKK.

- Which principal causes contributed to the alarming proportions of the 1995 floods?

- In what way has the population of the area had an influence on the development of floods?

It will also be explored how GIS and Remote Sensing and Data can help analyse conditions decisively influencing the development of the floods.


  • 7,000 evacuated
  • 10,000 in rescue work
  • 140 km3 cultivated land flooded
  • 1 million m3 soil eroded
  • 470 km railway line interrupted
  • loss of one human life
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